Things to read

J. E. Pacheco, Morirás lejos. On James Mill, progressive versus traditional education, and charter schools. The other Foucault — what led him to politics? Crackeros, novelists I should read. I want to read but first I need to calm down. I don’t feel calm in small towns. I’d also like to live somewhere with bookstores, … More Things to read

Des idées, yeah

I’ve stopped categorizing posts or posting enough, and it has to do with a family crisis. I’ve considered announcing a hiatus or even declaring an end to the blog! But I haven’t decided yet. If you’ve followed my posts on Facebook you’ll know about the crisis, and about how it is forcing me to cure … More Des idées, yeah


I recycled my tattered copy of Atala but found in it these yellowed notes, that I will transcribe and decipher later. I see that I have always been interested in the same things. Atala: le récit. 1. LES CHASSEURS. Chactas and his father are allied with Spaniards against Muscogles (Indians). Chactas is a prisoner of … More Atala

The future

I have to talk to a TIAA financial consultant and you can do it weekdays in the evening, and on Saturday. I changed back to the aggressive formula, after years (at their urging) on the “moderately aggressive” formula. I would have spent my entire life on the very aggressive formula if they had not always … More The future

Fan base

Here is more for my article on the language of neoliberalism: for sports teams, one no longer says fans but “fan base.” The marketing department has taken over, and the “fan base” isn’t the fans but the media- and marketing catchment area. Axé.