Estoy enojada

Mail not sent I Dices: “No tengo prisa ni ganas de publicar el libro, tal como lo tienes, porque no es mejor que [mi último libro].” ¿Por qué, entonces, pediste la revisión de tu traducción, para una editorial? ¿Sobre todo si estabas todavía escribiendo el libro, añadiéndole cosas? Mail not sent II Un aspecto extraño … More Estoy enojada

Revista DYN

Here is a detailed description. And they have that Amerindian number. Note: “The third number was released already in autumn 1942 with Paalen´s essay “Art and Science” about the Goethe-Newton debate on light, adapted to the dangerous imbalance of scientific and artistic notions in the modern world in view of the atomical danger. It contained … More Revista DYN


I am to write a short introduction and cannot get livelier or better informed than this. Axé.


Today I wrote a friend who is dying and said look: tomorrow without fail you must contact your estranged daughter, I guarantee you she would far rather know than not. I got a message back from the daughter saying my mother is too weak to speak but she much appreciates the messages I read to … More 26.XI

Poetry reading

I read at our book launch last night and I am a good reader. Part of it of course is that my translations take advantage of the music of the English language, so they are easy to read well. I was also the interpreter for this bilingual event. I am good at this as well, … More Poetry reading

Mockery of Don Pedro on Horseback by Federico García Lorca. Translated by Roberta Quance

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From an illustration by Rafael Alberti N.B. One of Lorca’s Gypsy Ballads.?? In the original, the term laguna (translated below as “lagoon”: first, second and last) is also meant to suggest that there was a gap –a textual lacuna — in a manuscript transmitting a traditional ballad about a certain…


Our little book is out. I said this in another post but in the current WordPress skin, the news is below the fold. I wouldn’t have chosen to translate this poet/this book, but I did, and the work changed me. I’m a poet now: all my other translation projects have been academic, but this one … More Amerindios