On freedom

A key issue may be that “freedom” for many Americans has always meant the freedom of the male settler-colonist to destroy the earth and its people, order his women and slaves around, and impose his religion upon others. Yet more important is that Trump is trying to destroy the national self-image as progressive. It is … More On freedom

On anxiety

I have it and should pay more serious attention to it. I need shiatsu massage and reasonable control of my schedule and space, regardless of the chaos other people may have in their lives. I am not talking about control over others or rigid defensiveness. I am talking about not being imposed upon, and about … More On anxiety

“Me llamo es…”

On the question of Saying Their Name: I have always understood about it for reasons having to do with my ancestors the Lloyds and the Goldsboroughs, and because it is a major South American theme, never again, nunca mais, say their name. But I have learned more about it from these disaster databases which are … More “Me llamo es…”


⇒ The best political action we can take right now is to work against voter suppression. (Z) ⇒ The roundups of indocumentados are a beginning, and we should pay attention. (Z) ⇒ The use of indocumentados is a form of slavery. Capitalism requires slavery, and slaves must be foreign. (Z) ⇒Racist imperatives fuel the militarization … More Domingo

Ich arbeite

I am working on things related to this post, and it is taking up time formerly devoted to blogging. Keywords here are Benjamin Matveevich Bary and Matvee Bary. Benjamin was “a hot opponent of Talmudism,” as it was said by one Russian official who turned him down for a job as a kind of commissioner … More Ich arbeite

Sobre el mundo actual

Milosexual and the aesthetics of fascism (Boston Review) Government by white nationalism is upon us (Slate) Pankaj Mishra (The Guardian) Letters of Erich Auerbach 1933-1946 (PMLA) When it is too late to stop fascism, according to Stefan Zweig (The New Yorker) A useful discussion of populism (The Nation — and a piece worth critiquing) A … More Sobre el mundo actual