Working at a university that is cannibalizing itself, in department that is, and a state that is, is disheartening and it is hard not to feel downhearted, not to feel joy. I used to be energized by work and inspired by what happened on campus — it was why I liked school — but here … More Cannibalizing

Another film course

Jerónimo Arellano has an article in RHM (2016) called “The screenplay in the archive: screenwriting, new cinemas, and the Latin American boom.” The boom novelists also wrote screenplays, not all of which were published. This raises a number of interesting questions I am interested in the article primarily for purposes of course creation. Could one … More Another film course


An unscientific survey of students revealed these as their favorite films in Spanish. I haven’t seen them all, and some of those I have, I have not seen in a long time. But it is a rather good list. 21 gramos Azul y no tan rosa Babel Biútiful Hable con ella María llena de gracia … More Películas

Race, the floating signifier (1996) — the beginning of a handout for class

It is by Stuart Hall and it is a key text. I find myself caring about structuralism and poststructuralism as never before. But this is a q/d handout for the students. Floating signifier in Oxford Reference: A signifier without a specific signified (see sign). Also known as an ‘empty signifier’, it is a signifier that … More Race, the floating signifier (1996) — the beginning of a handout for class


Remember our football players, saying rude things about a political candidate in the locker room when they did not know they could be heard? That is what I would call free speech in the first place, and youthful high jinks at worst. Yet they did not get away with it, and it is possible some … More Diferenciando

On the corporatization

…and adjunctification. Part-time faculty and academic values. Patrick O’Donnell’s bibliography (very comprehensive, with many important-sounding titles I did not know of or am not familiar enough with). KEY is that the institutions are not OK (note how the Wall Street Journal has endorsed torture supporter and Amazon Basin destroyer Bolsonaro for President of Brazil, for … More On the corporatization