M. Scott Peck

Read Heart’s post on M. Scott Peck, it is amazing! M. Scott Peck was a hero of Reeducation. It all makes a lot more sense to me now. Reeducation was quite literally a Christian, misogynist, alcoholic and otherwise addicted cult, bent upon projecting its inner nature into the rest of the world. No wonder. Axé.


I am still on strike, but I guess we can sing anyway. I have ladders and scraps of old drywall all over one room, and blotches of primer all over the outside of the house. I cannot get the primer off of my hands. Expensive primer washes off better than this primer does. I will … More Today

Strike Aid!

Thanks to Undine, we have a way for everyone to help with my strike: click on the links to my Blog Supporters! This will help remind my advertisers that I do have readers. I need the revenue because I work at a public university in Bobby Jindal’s state. In gratitude I will post some notes … More Strike Aid!


This blog is on strike due to non payment of one of its advertisers. It will remain on strike until such time as payment is made. You wouldn’t know it some days, but I am in fact a working man. It will not be Friday, Oxalá’s day, it will not be the weekend, and we … More Strike!

Greta Garbo

I finally tried Twitter, and I found it distasteful. Other technologies and software I dislike include: + television + point and shoot digital cameras + cell phones + Blackboard + WebCT + Moodle + Twitter + Blogger + chat/talk + text messages + instant messages + iPods. But I am literally repulsed by Twitter, which … More Greta Garbo

Malcolm X

Greetings are extended to Malcolm X, who is 84 today — and whom I would like to see alive and speaking on Afghanistan and Guantánamo. When we were very young, we were told Malcolm was “unstable.” When I got old enough to actually read his words, he was already dead. Reading him, though, I realized … More Malcolm X