Mexico’s Benjamin

Here we have an interesting blog and post. It is on Mexico’s Benjamin, and as we know I am trying to understand Benjamin more systematically and even to use texts of his in my history and culture classes that I did not understand, or did not think I understood, before. #Occupy HE. Axé.

Courses Spring 2013

I made decisions about two courses and now I am honing in on the third. I want, eventually, to drop the textbook but I will merely work toward that. Here is some boilerplate for the course description that I have lifted from someone else. This course provides an introduction to Hispanic literature and to the … More Courses Spring 2013


Sundays, when it rains, music with charango and zampoña is my recommended afternoon sound. I do not know how I acquired the habit, why this in particular would make the world seem familiar again. Axé.

Ay, que non era

What we sang in Elemental 1B, Liceo Serrano, Madrid. ¡Ay, que non era! Mas ¡ay, que non hay! ¡ay, que non hay quien de mi pena se duela! Madre, la mi madre, el mi lindo amigo, moricos de allende lo llevan cativo, cadenas de oro, candado morisco. ¡Ay, que non era! Mas ¡ay, que non … More Ay, que non era

Dentro en el vergel

Dentro en el vergel moriré. Dentro en el rosal matarm’han. Yo me iba, madre, las rosas coger; hallé mis amores dentro en el vergel. Dentro en el vergel moriré. Dentro en el rosal matarm’han. –A Pre-Columbian Spanish Song. Axé.

Afsnit tre

The chronicler, who recounts events without distinguishing between the great and small, thereby accounts for the truth, that nothing which has ever happened is to be given as lost to history. Indeed, the past would fully befall only a resurrected humanity. Said another way: only for a resurrected humanity would its past, in each of … More Afsnit tre

Virginia Woolf

The moment we single out and emphasize the suggestions as we have done here they become unreal; and we, too, become unreal — specialists, word mongers, phrase finders, not readers. In reading we have to allow the sunken meanings to remain sunken, suggested, not stated; lapsing and flowing into each other like reeds on the … More Virginia Woolf

State, nation, patria

In response to the hypocrisy of the First Republic’s sustained imperial position during the Ten Years’ War, José Martí satirized the logic of the integrity argument. Quite simply, the claim of national integrity was “ridiculous” for a territory divided by the Atlantic Ocean. Less absurd, but equally dangerous for Cuba in Martí’s survey of Spanish … More State, nation, patria