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Here is one of my favorite pieces on the Ronell case, and here is the other. Both writers are far better deconstructors and are tackling a far more difficult topic than are Ronell and Butler chatting on a line from Aretha Franklin. On her scholarship, I like this piece by Martin Jay. The MLA wrote … More Academic advice

How did I say it then

El otro elusivo: la teoría racial de Denise Ferreira da Silva Abstracto original This paper will discuss some implications of Denise Ferreira da Silva’s work for the analysis of discourses of mestizaje and exceptionalism in modern Latin American literature, focusing on her concepts of transcendental poesis and the scene of engulfment in Toward a global … More How did I say it then


I have started paying $30/year for this site, to get the ads off it, and I am going to clean it up. I will be one of the last bloggers. I have discovered this poet, Silvia Goldman, who turns out to be the author of this piece I read some time ago and liked, as … More Novedades


Giroux: “The great philosopher Antonio Gramsci, who was one of the first Marxist theoreticians who understood that almost every act of politics is a pedagogical practice, wrote a brilliant essay in 1916 on why he hates the indifferent. What he understood was that indifference, my term, was not an action that existed in a void … More Gramsci

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The blurb: Rejecting the view that social categories of difference such as race and culture operate solely as principles of exclusion, Denise Ferreira da Silva presents a critique of modern thought that shows how racial knowledge and power produce global space. Silva proposes that the notion of racial difference governs the global power configuration because … More This book