On Leaving

One of my colleagues said yesterday, “You have so many talents, so many competencies for so much, it is really admirable.” * The more I think about it the more I realize how deep the guilt is that keeps me in place, growing quieter each year. Let us review my sins, as I feel them, … More On Leaving


On May Day my cat will complete his second month of absence. I was told when I adopted him that I should not let him outside because he could meet a terrible death. I let him outside, anyway, on the feeling that one should not incarcerate anyone. I regret that some days, since he may … More Kitlingen

On Training

I do not work very much in the fields I studied, so a lot of what I have done since I got my degree is acquire expertise in fields I did not have. I have very broad expertise now and a flexibility in upper division teaching that is nothing short of amazing, and I say … More On Training

On Confidence

I  have very uneven “self esteem” or as I call it, confidence. In high school, I didn’t think the local dime store would hire me. By the end of college, I knew I could work in a dime store or a factory or as a substitute teacher. But I did not think I could be … More On Confidence


I am depressed and more depressed since realizing I actually fell down on my Jazzfest job and did not even know it — when I blithely sprained my foot at the pool I was not even supposed to be there, I was supposed to be helping to prepare Jazzfest. Therefore I am telling my academic … More Shadow

On Working

I only recently learned in an overt way that it is legitimate to put work and also your own life first, and to question and perhaps refuse activities and obligations that affect these negatively. Before Reeducation I knew this instinctively, but then I learned that Reeducation itself expected to take first priority. Doing well at … More On Working