My psychological and academic suffering has much more to do with my specific department than I had realized. Usually I think the issues are what I bring with me and do not allow myself to see how much is structural. Also, the capitalistic idea that money does not buy happiness is false. Every time I … More Illuminations

A curriculum proposal

Spanish professors, I want you to weigh in on this proposal for curriculum revision. We now have a 300 level introduction to literature, four 400 level surveys of which students must take two, and some other 400 level electives that are topics courses. That is traditional and reasonable but I discern problems, based on the … More A curriculum proposal


I feel different now, as though a missing tile had been installed in my spinal column, something along those lines. I am getting to be almost as lucid as before Reeducation. It is this solid feeling, and I see I can feel even more solid. I remember being this way. Still, I dreamed I had … More Progress


♦Freedom as death struggle (Hegel); “death or liberty.” Haitian independence slogan, apparently: Vive la mort! (But it is also a mercenary slogan.) ♦THE VIOLENCE AT THE ORIGIN, ORIGINARY VIOLENCE. Which must then be forgotten. Sommer says these “foundational” texts are intended to heal originary violence but do they really work that way? ♦Should I call … More Collage

La beauté

Although I missed the first day of it because of having to finish up some things in Maringouin, I spent all of yesterday at this brilliant symposium, which I knew about from the Spanish Professor and when I was asked to stay at home and do even more things for Vichy State was convinced to … More La beauté


I am now in Houston where it is beautiful and I feel almost like a whole person with full human rights. Houston is a big city and it has several good radio stations, and I feel that I am a strong flame among many others, which I really like. I will masquerade as a real … More H

What I would like to post as my Facebook status, but will not

“The Vichy State faculty I am bored with are those who say students of our largest local ethnicity are less capable than other students. When I taught at State Flagship University there were also many students of our local ethnicity and faculty never made this kind of distinction, or voiced this kind of slur.” #OccupyHE … More What I would like to post as my Facebook status, but will not