Mahalia Jackson

Check out this amazing performance of Just a Closer Walk with Thee – especially the second half. (No, I have not converted.) But then hear Jackson’s voice float on What a Friend We Have in Jesus. And there are many other amazing performances by Mahalia Jackson. I like I Know It Was the Blood, I … More Mahalia Jackson

On Anorexia

Here is another labyrinthine post from the olden days. Now I am awake like the Buddha, but a seer at a Los Angeles botánica told me years ago that I was “carrying a great weight.” Qui potest capere, capiat. I Trying to discover my way back professionally from the ravages of Reeducation is sometimes dangerous … More On Anorexia

Manila in the 1930s

Observe this video of Manila in the 1930’s. Apparently it had the world’s largest prison at that time. I do not endorse the attitude of the narrator, but the script is an interesting historical document in itself. For good measure see this, also on Manila, from 1938: Axé.

Te Deum. Lomo de las Sagradas Escrituras. The Red Army Choir

I insist now upon speaking in very positive tones, but I am rocky and discouraged many days and I am in a state of distress about many things. More than I realize. I am improved but I should still recognize the foregoing squarely. It makes life easier. What I can see, I can cure. And … More Te Deum. Lomo de las Sagradas Escrituras. The Red Army Choir

Oppose the Bailout

“Ask this question — are the credit markets really about to seize up? “If they are then lots of business owners should be eager to tell how their bank is calling their 90-day revolving loans, rejecting new loans and demanding more cash on deposit. I called businessmen I know yesterday and not one of them … More Oppose the Bailout