1. Catalan is a language, not a dialect. 2. All of Spanish America speaks Castilian. 3. There are very many literate Mexicans, including winners of the Nobel Prize in literature, and Mexicans are completely comprehensible to other Spanish speakers. 4. I, as a person who speaks educated Spanish and am really competent in it, can … More P.S.A.

David Harvey

Concept: capital is not a thing, but a social relation between persons, established by the instrumentality of things. (Note: I really should have spent all the time I spent trying to understand Derridean coursework into trying to understand Marx, and I am fairly sure the reason we had to read so much Derrida and Foucault … More David Harvey

Je voulais dire

I had meant to post some time ago that you should not tell your children they are inferior / defective / less than. We were told we were incompetent, although we could not see it (that was part of the incompetence). That was why we were to do things our parents liked. We would fail, … More Je voulais dire

The update

It isn’t really a union fight, it is a struggle against patriarchal violence. Also, O union men, I am not sure how deeply conscious you are if the first solution you think of in difficult times is layoffs. Axé.

Travailler, c’est dur

I cannot believe I am now in a union fight. Addison Schroeder IWW, great-uncle, stand me now in good stead. My slogans appear to come from the 60s and to be: Hey hey! Ho ho! ___ has got to go! and One, two, three, four, let’s walk ___ out the door! Axé.

In reality

A friend I made about a year ago, but that is from San Francisco so we relate and seem like older friends, said: “You are so wholesome. Walking with you, talking with you, I feel as though I were participating in a scene from Hallmark.” Axé.