Words to look up are: Menenghello, Michiatte, Etruria, and I am coming back to this post and developing it. I will do this while I get in touch about the blinds, and my car key, my finances, and the paint; and in finishing those things I will finish the post. I am also going to … More Tarot

Walters Museum, and student evaluations

Last summer I visited this museum and received its lovely magazine. Sticking with me in particular are the ceramics of Roberto Lugo and John Singer Sargent’s watercolor The Alhambra Vase. In the store, a bronze reproduction of a Chinese owl figurine, eight inches high. ∞∞∞∞∞∞ How to get high evaluations? Old and new suggestions include … More Walters Museum, and student evaluations


Here is the beginning of one of my stories that never gets published. Others may not, but I like my own style. How many roads lead to Heaven? If you trip on the bridge, do you fall? Had some event marked Una, did a single moment fix her to her chair? Or was it an … More Heaven

Museum of Fine Arts

At the end of the summer break I will get to Houston, and I will be there in time to see what is apparently a truly important exhibit on Mexican modernism. This of course engages my topics: avant-garde discourse (revolution, modernity), and representations of race (nation), interests I must articulate in a more precise way … More Museum of Fine Arts

Alain Resnais

From Austerlitz, I learned about this Resnais short obliquely based on Borges, Toute la mémore du monde. This article, about architecture in the Bibliothèque Nationale of France, complements the film and the novel very well. And here is a set of 13 films of works by Borges and Bioy Casares. How do you see film … More Alain Resnais