Vallejo, the migrant

In addition to everything else, I must do AAUP business, but what I am doing is writing a piece about magical realism for my own pleasure and instruction. I read an old article by Cornejo Polar about migrant subjects and realized: THAT is also Vallejo’s kind of voice, speaking from everywhere (and not from a … More Vallejo, the migrant

Revista DYN

Here is a detailed description. And they have that Amerindian number. Note: “The third number was released already in autumn 1942 with Paalen´s essay “Art and Science” about the Goethe-Newton debate on light, adapted to the dangerous imbalance of scientific and artistic notions in the modern world in view of the atomical danger. It contained … More Revista DYN


Words to look up are Menenghello and Minchiate Etruria, a Tarot I think I would really like. I will do this while I get in touch about the blinds and my car key. I am also going to investigate Scenes of Subjection. AND consider it for my other essay. There are more books to investigate, … More Tarot

Walters Museum, and student evaluations

Last summer I visited this museum and received its lovely magazine. Sticking with me in particular are the ceramics of Roberto Lugo and John Singer Sargent’s watercolor The Alhambra Vase. In the store, a bronze reproduction of a Chinese owl figurine, eight inches high. ∞∞∞∞∞∞ How to get high evaluations? Old and new suggestions include … More Walters Museum, and student evaluations


Here is the beginning of one of my stories that never gets published. Others may not, but I like my own style. How many roads lead to Heaven? If you trip on the bridge, do you fall? Had some event marked Una, did a single moment fix her to her chair? Or was it an … More Heaven