Some maritime images… Así es, y los relámpagos cubrirían tus trenzas y la lluvia entraría por tus ojos abiertos a preparar el llanto que sordamente encierras, y las alas negras del mar girarían en torno de ti, con grandes garras, y graznidos, y vuelos. –P.N. Axé.

Le projet

I need a really good image of a great ship putting out to sea and I do not see the right one, so you will have to imagine it. I am embarking on a large solidarity project. As I am about to call for one in print, I have to model it. It involves wresting … More Le projet

How to read

Here is a good article on The Great Gatsby, the movie. Here is a fact from it that I did not know: “an ethnic-American man like Gatsby (born Gatz) would not have been considered “white.” Gatsby is German. I knew Norwegians, Swedes and Finns were ambiguously white, almost as ambiguously so as the southern Europeans, but … More How to read

La semaine

I have to work on my NEH Letter of Intent this week. I am saying this because when I shut this computer down I will have to close the document, I am likely to forget about it. I have to remember IILI and LASA deadlines as well. Here is a lesson in logic by the … More La semaine

Writing group post

Since we started I have written and submitted a 5600 word article but it is not the article I will write for this group. I will write that article next and I will do it right. To write the present article I did not apply Boycean reason. I went into a complete binge, and I … More Writing group post