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Vision… Odor and gaze Lost from view (Without a trace) Oh fury… Scandalous life… Various lions… NOT ALREADY PUBLISHED BY US (BUT REVISIT TO MAKE SURE OF WHAT HAS AND HAS NOT BEEN PUBLISHED IN TRANSLATION BY OTHERS) Camino de tierra… Mundo ilustrado… El humo se disipa… Vienes en la noche… Batalla… Leve pisada… El … More Already published

Koritha Mitchell

Here is someone worth knowing about. I feel really alienated from work and really sad. But it is important to recognize, as Mitchell points out, that aggression is one reaction people can have to others’ achievement. I never understood this. I believed it when told I had done them wrong, and tried to disable myself … More Koritha Mitchell

Habits of mind

The automated university-as-a-business that Schumpeter desires fails to valorize the qualities of mind that follow from regular writing practices. A good writer of prose is also a good teacher, and can easily detect good ideas in well-written prose. The regular writer, then, does not need to spend as much time “teaching”. The student and the … More Habits of mind