Écrasez l’Infâme

1. Now it is Hallowe’en and I have a pumpkin and a black Cat. I admire the Cat who admires Birds; we both dislike Rats. We are lighting candles, pouring out rum for the saints, and reading Voltaire. 2. In news, Shakespeare’s Sister has an excellently reasoned critique of Clinton and Obama that everyone should … More Écrasez l’Infâme

In Costume

This post is dedicated to Melissa, the thesis writer. Jennifer said in a comments thread here some time ago that “reality” is made up of stereotypes to a greater degree than we commonly think, and I found this quite perceptive. The degree to which stereotypes determine our perception and our experience it is our theme … More In Costume

Sustainability Quiz

Mes chers lecteurs et lectrices, this quiz is not a game. It is the best quiz ever, a Sustainability Quiz. My responses indicate that if every member of this planet lived as I do, we would need an additional 4.9 planets to sustain us. I must tone things down instantly. I will walk to work … More Sustainability Quiz

From the AAUP

My representative says: The AAUP recently published a bar graph (Trends in Faculty Status, 1975-2005, All Degree-Granting Institutions, National Totals) showing trends in faculty status nationally. The following table summarizes the same information. full-time tenured: 36.5 (1975), 33.1 (1989), 21.8 (2005) full-time tenure track: 20.3, 13.7, 10.1 full-time non-track: 13.0, 16.9, 20.1 part-time: 30.2, 36.4, … More From the AAUP

Nuclear Brazil

“On July 10, Brazilian President Inácio Lula da Silva announced his intention to fulfill one of the Brazilian Navy’s ultimate dreams: to launch a nuclear-powered submarine. This idea was originally hatched during the era of military rule from the 1960s to 1980s but floundered due to a lack of funds and priority status. It has … More Nuclear Brazil

Dedra Johnson

“[An] aching debut…[with] echoes of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings…” —Publisher’s Weekly “Reading Dedra Johnson’s Sandrine’s Letter to Tomorrow, I was fully in the presence of the mind, heart, and soul of a richly rendered, fascinating fictional character. I knew I was also in the presence of the brilliant voice and sensibility of … More Dedra Johnson

De la Psychologie

This is an interesting personality test and it is not a blog game, it is serious. I took it and it had some suggestions as to why I did not fit in with Reeducation. I am very intellectually oriented and very unconventional. I have a high level of access to feelings and a low level … More De la Psychologie

Self-Tagging “Your Ideal Field” Meme

I discovered my favorite intellectual question at age three: is language necessary to thought, that is, must one have language in order to have thought, or can thought precede language? I wanted to believe that thought came first, but my observations indicated that language so strongly informed thought, that what preceded language might not be … More Self-Tagging “Your Ideal Field” Meme

In Church

I need to write the journalistic article I discuss here and two academic articles, and I need to do these things very soon. But it is Sunday and everyone in town but my pagan self is in church confessing, so I will confess, too. I dislike a post to which I will not link and … More In Church

A Very Nice Post

…from WoC PhD. Excerpting: “When an atmosphere of trust exists in a department, students are more likely to come to class prepared to learn and to take accountability for their actions, conflicts are likely to be at a minimum, and real problems that arise can be handled with maturity and proper sanction. Without trust, everything … More A Very Nice Post