Este fin de semana

 I have misplaced this book and I want to see it for nearly fetishistic reasons as Mazzotti’s review is almost enough. Still, I want to see it and fortunately they have it at Tulane, and very fortunately, I am going there Friday. Yes, I just got back from New Orleans last night and I am … More Este fin de semana

Sobre la filología

Many today do not recognize the word, but “philology” was for centuries nearly synonymous with humanistic intellectual life, encompassing not only the study of Greek and Roman literature and the Bible but also all other studies of language and literature, as well as religion, history, culture, art, archaeology, and more. In short, philology was the … More Sobre la filología


Today I was supposed to be participating in a Saturday service activity I abhor but had steeled myself for. Last night, however, I felt ill for unrelated reasons and e-mailed my dean, who organizes this activity, apologizing and saying I would have to go to the clinic this morning instead of the service activity. I … More Dream

Male violence

This is the other reason for my general fatigue and mental fog; I keep forgetting that we undergo all this bullying every day. In extremely clear instances of it I get flashes of insight, this is paradigmatically abusive behavior, but most of the time it is just how people are and I do not understand … More Male violence

On the adjunct crisis

People do not realize that many decades ago at Berkeley they decided freshman composition should also be given by (many) departments other than English. They have it in Rhetoric, Dramatic Art, Comparative Literature, and now all of these departments. This means that English is more immune to being asked to staff these courses with adjuncts, … More On the adjunct crisis