Corrido de Cananea

Earlier today there was a 6.4 earthquake in southern Mexico. While it was happening I, oblivious, was singing the Corrido de Cananea with the famous Hermanos Zaizar. The mine at Cananea has a long history. And it seems that Calderón, Clinton, the Grupo México, and Obama are all one. Honestly, I might like the narcos … More Corrido de Cananea

Cary Nelson

The modern university is sustained by academic freedom; it guarantees higher education’s independence, its quality, and its success in educating students. The need to uphold those values would seem obvious. Yet the university is presently under siege from all corners; workers are being exploited with paltry salaries for full-time work, politics and profit rather than … More Cary Nelson

Marco Longhini

Longhini is a good conductor and here we see the Moscow Conservatory. One of the search terms that most often leads people here is the title of the Monteverdi madrigal Ecco mormorar l’onde. In searching for more Monteverdi recordings I came across an ancient advertisement saying, “Nadia Boulanger uses Baldwin pianos exclusively.” It included a … More Marco Longhini

That American Manner

It is hurricane season again, Z-titlan members, so it is time to watch the National Hurricane Center website. I have been to some parties since arriving in the United States and there was more drinking and lecturing, and less interaction, than Mexicans seem to undertake. It is as though we had been trained to compete … More That American Manner

Ahuízotl y El Llano

In México-Tenochtitlan they are pressing on to find the tlatoani Ahuízotl. I have seen so many images of Aztec warriors that I dream about them. In Oaxaca de Juárez I recommend El Llano over the Zócalo because, although it does have a church like all squares, it is not a religious, government, ceremonial, or tourist … More Ahuízotl y El Llano