Writing on Writing

I have said it before, and I will say it again: I should have started writing this book years ago, because I have amassed far too much material. Had I written more about some of it earlier, I would not now be wanting to stuff all of it into every piece. So I was really, … More Writing on Writing

Une perception

To amuse myself while sick, I took a personality test. I am 70% extroverted, compared to most women who are 67% extroverted and most men who are 51% extroverted. I am also 45% “emotional” (I think they mean something more like histrionic – they say “emotional” means “reactive to emotions and mood swings”). Most men … More Une perception

Dear Whiteman

Dear Whiteman, I really have had just about enough of you. I will say it once again: I do not like to be projected into. In particular, I do not like to be projected into by condescending, poorly trained and weakly professionalized individuals. If I am a perfectionist, how is it that I send out … More Dear Whiteman

Oriana, Olodumare

Oriana Fallaci was the first person I heard say you cannot negotiate with terrorists, and as we know, the question there is who is a terrorist. But it is a fact you cannot negotiate with abusers. If you remember this, you can safely extricate yourself from an abusive situation — if you have somewhere else … More Oriana, Olodumare