In the office, I will find the notes on the transnational illumination I had the other day. In the meantime, here we have Vilashini Cooppan in a very old (2000) article on the transnational study of race and nation, in this book. I had kept it, should I still? is the question. It is part … More Transnational

A course on poetry sung

The Ring of Words, the introduction and the section on Spain. Jarchas, are there good recordings? Cid, Libro de Buen Amor, Romancero, what recordings are there? Songs in Lope; recordings of Góngora and Quevedo Are there recordings of 18th/19th century uses of song in poetry? Rosalía de Castro, décimas de todas las edades García Lorca, … More A course on poetry sung

That class

As lagniappe, let’s look at the MLA 2007 report on FL curricula. Students say: less is more. If we all watched the same series, we could all talk about it and change groups. The films are too much in conjunction with the series. And we may need more structured grammar review. More to come on … More That class


We’ve now sent two people to the Institute who, rather than gain knowledge, inspiration and skills, came back disillusioned about governance; credentialed a delegate to the national meeting (and given financial support to him for travel) who has been dismissed from his university and will thus not continue as a strong member of the organization; … More Pouf