Og farvel igen

I am going away for more than a week and I do not intend to post. When I return to Maringouin I will say: Even here, you do not have to suffer. Suffering is a Reeducated requirement, and a requirement in this local culture, but the people who wanted or want you to suffer are … More Og farvel igen

On enthusiasm

Someone is President of an organization called Restore Louisiana Now and I am envious — that is the kind of job I want. I think of my law degree and work on globalization and prison industrial complex, or my Near Eastern Studies degree and the active job I would have found in a large, international … More On enthusiasm

“I hope you can get back to what needs to be done”

Someone said this, and it is the correct attitude. In Reeducation it would have been “denial” and inappropriate generally. One should be felled by everything, call in sick, take leave from work, retire. Reeducation believed in opening veins and draining life out slowly. ♦ That is NOT health. But there was so much discussion about … More “I hope you can get back to what needs to be done”


People were so stressed yesterday. My dentist was blocked into his house by a flood and did not meet his appointments. I conversed with one who is concerned he will not be allowed to teach his course with the same textbook a second time, one who does not realize she is going to pass her defense, … More Zen