Duncan on H.D.

The H.D. Book is at its core a polemic–elevating the female and the nonconformist and the heterodox against the institutions of men. One of these institutions was literature. Axé.

sabotage (n.)

1910, from Fr. sabotage, from saboter “to sabotage, bungle,” lit. “walk noisily,” from sabot “wooden shoe” (13c.), altered (by association with O. Fr. bot “boot”) from M. Fr. savate “old shoe,” from an unidentified source that also produced similar words in O. Prov., Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Basque. In French, the sense of “deliberately … More sabotage (n.)

A Side Question

1. The wireless card on the Toshiba Satellite L645D does not seem to be very good. 2. I continue to miss WordPerfect 5.1 and 5.2 for DOS. These current word processors all have irritating automatic features that keep turning themselves on even after I turn them off. And I really liked that reveal codes function. … More A Side Question

Notes and Fragments (On Capitalism and Gender, Perhaps)

1. On the idea that what is professional and also healthy is to act in individualistic, self protective ways: to what economic and other models does this supposition correspond? 2. It appears to me to be neither healthy nor supportive of the profession. 3. I say that, of course, because I’m a union man and … More Notes and Fragments (On Capitalism and Gender, Perhaps)