Chris Sepulvado

…will be executed February 13 by lethal injection at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola if he does not receive executive clemency. Please sign the petition to our Governor, who is a practicing Catholic and pro-life. Governor Jindal recently defunded hospice care in our state and was forced to reverse his position by pressure from … More Chris Sepulvado

Lo que va de jueves

Jueves será, porque hoy, jueves, que proso estos versos, los húmeros me he puesto a la mala… I am not counting any of the attempts at work I did last night as work time because I was too tired and incoherent, so yesterday had 6 hours. I think I might be getting sick, horrors. Thursday … More Lo que va de jueves

Research question du jour

“La representación literaria del incesto se liga íntimamente con la realidad histórica del mestizaje en Cuba. En una sociedad esclavista colonial la estratificación racial aseguraba la sobrevivencia de una minoría a base de categorías raciales exclusivas. En algún momento había que reprimir el concubinato racial para restaurar el patriarcado. La mera existencia de una clase … More Research question du jour

Kristin Gjesdal and the cutting edge

I am still trying to understand the 18th century and do not. This, however, is an interesting article with an interesting author: Between Enlightenment and Romanticism: Some Problems and Challenges in Gadamer’s Hermeneutics, Kristin Gjesdal, Journal of the History of Philosophy, vol. 46, 2-2008, 285-306. I now understand why to be on people put … More Kristin Gjesdal and the cutting edge

Working Wednesday

9-9:30 e-mail 11:30 – 4:30 technical issues, more e-mail and website updating, office and file reorganization, student paper reorganizing, book finding and returning, Skype Clarissa. Most of this involved teaching, and there was a little service and a little research. There was also a 30 minute break. This means 5 hours of inefficient work so … More Working Wednesday

Spring Culture Museum

In the fall, I teach to the language requirement and give a senior/graduate seminar that is in field for me but never for the students, so everything is a struggle. In the spring I teach intermediate and slightly advanced undergraduate courses, mostly out of field. It feels like curating a culture museum. Today we among … More Spring Culture Museum