Sobre la poesía

This was a poem I wrote in 1981, that I liked then and still do, but that needs context to be comprehensible. At what point do poems expire, speaking only to their own age? At what point does a text that interests its writer become interesting to another? I never thought of this level of … More Sobre la poesía


Two Lines. Print journal, online features, and also books. Center for the Art of Translation. Study this journal; here are submission instructions. Tripwire. Experimental. They take translations but not poems originally written in English. Verify? Split Lip. You can submit one poem only. This is fun, if you only have one good one. Siete vientos, … More Presses

Notes on that poem

…that I spent days translating when I should have been doing any number of things. The post-human. The critique of nationalist literary histories. The attempt to locate origins in what has been lost. The fact that that is the game nationalist literary histories play, appropriating those origins for the national project. We are taught to … More Notes on that poem

More for “Language and the entrepreneurial university”

Last year, the state moved for dismissal, arguing that the 14th Amendment contains no reference to literacy. Then, last week, U.S. District Judge Stephen Murphy III agreed with the state. Literacy is important, the judge noted. But students enjoy no right to access to being taught literacy. All the state has to do is make … More More for “Language and the entrepreneurial university”