Junco y capulí

I am leaving in the morning, to the Vallejo birthplace and the nearby thermal baths at Cachicadán. I was about to say I was sure there would be Internet access, but not sure the electricity would be reliable enough to permit me to see the Internet. Then I erased the sentence because I realized that … More Junco y capulí

Cebichería Marlin

This is the best restaurant I have been to in Peru in 2008. It used to be, or seem to me, that all restaurants were this good – Peru was like France in that way – but now they seem to have declined. In any case, we have the Cebichería Marlin and it is in Huamachuco. … More Cebichería Marlin

Mais regardez

Many Peruvian internet cafés are covert porn theatres, and others are de facto ones, because they are primarily used that way. You can tell some of the seriously pornographically oriented ones because they have curtains around each computer. I avoid such places, and here in beautiful Huamachuco, where I am (I walked to Markawamachuko today!) I … More Mais regardez

“Containing What Happened to Me During This Voyage, Until I Arrived at the City of Lima”

And eighteenth century Franciscan writes: Ya que vino el día partí por dentro de una quebrada, y así fuimos hasta mediodía, y aquí, dejando la quebrada, entramos por entre dos cerros, y venimos a subir por aquel cerro de lajas de afilar que dije cuando fui a Angasmarca, cuando iba para Lima desde Guamachuco. Ya … More “Containing What Happened to Me During This Voyage, Until I Arrived at the City of Lima”

Santiago en Huancayo

Today is the feast of Santiago, the Apostle, and it is very important. This videoclip was from Huancayo, in the central sierra, but we can also download whole songs by bands from Santiago de Chuco such as the Grupo Cukollakta and the Conjunto Libertad. Santiago de Chuco’s fiesta is the most interesting because it was … More Santiago en Huancayo

Collective Van II

I like the mototaxi concept and the fact that motataxis look rather like 1920’s cars, but my favorite mode of transportation is still the combi or collective van. Those who criticize combis are not wrong in anything they say, but I love combis nonetheless. They are extremely folkloric, they are more comfortable than buses, when … More Collective Van II

On Movies on Buses

Now some long distance buses in Peru play videos. The choice of videos, however, is really shocking, they are so violent. I am wondering whether this is just my luck or whether it is a generalized phenomenon. Yesterday, while driving through for hours through some of the most depressing industrial slums I have ever seen, … More On Movies on Buses