I am informed that I am in severe distress over workplace bullying. (There is always at least one designated bully, it would seem.) But what is to be noted is that I am in severe distress, which means that the situation is non trivial. Axé.

The new schedule

Now that spring is coming in I can get up at 6:30, and I will read for research every weekday morning from 7-8. 8-9 is breakfast and commute time. 9-11 is a class preparation bloc on MWF. On T it is a 9-11:30 writing bloc, and on Th it is a 9-10:30 writing bloc. 11-8 … More The new schedule


To counter the students’ love of Paulo Coelho I am to assign Pierre Bourdieu, The Aristocracy of Culture and Distinction. I am wondering, though: if an author is as popular as this, should we not perhaps teach him … ? What is literature? What kind of canon should I work to create or protect? I … More Bourdieu

La recherche

It does appear some days that my actual research program is not what I say it is, but is about the university itself. It appears important to look at the definitions of what an “entrepreneurial” university are, and perhaps to distinguish between that and the idea of a “business model” for education, and then monetization … More La recherche

Mais c’est bon

So I spent all afternoon yesterday writing on one project, and all afternoon today reading for another, et c’est bon, it makes you find things you were looking for. Now I am rereading: Julio Ortega’s 1986 book on Vallejo. This turns out to be rather worth doing and I will have some comments on it … More Mais c’est bon