Henry Giroux

Resistance is no longer an option, it is a necessity. That is the last line of a very good essay you should read slowly. #OccupyHE. Axé.

I think I can

I believe I can afford a Mexican Fullbright. I think I can live on what they offer for “maintenance,” and pay bills at home with what they offer as a “stipend.” This would be amazing. #OccupyHE. Axé.

Science news today

Science is finished, said the scientist I talked to today. The word implies critique, but it is now taken to mean production and profit. Science not oriented in those directions will not be done again. This makes teaching very painful, he said. Students go into biology because they know they can make things to sell. … More Science news today

Presenting papers

I have decided one really does need a PowerPoint or some sort of visual aid on a projector. That cannot be misused, of course, but it is a good idea. One should read the abstract and explain it, and then on the PowerPoint have an outline of the paper, with a few quotations and images, … More Presenting papers

La vida real

These are musicians at the Cathedral of Oaxaca, October 21, 2013 at noon. I could, and hope at some moment, to write a very poetic post about this Mass which was essentially my first adventure in Mexico this time. Axé.

Academy Fight Song

“There is zero solidarity in a meritocracy, even a fake one, as the anthropologist Sarah Kendzior demonstrates in a recent series of hard-hitting articles on the adjunct situation. Just about everyone in academia believes that they were the smartest kid in their class, the one with the good grades and the awesome test scores. They believe, by … More Academy Fight Song