Alguien dijo

“One must do what is central to one’s self before anything else.” It is interesting because I still do not, or do not really know what that thing would be as I do not do it. What I must do first is take care of Mother; second, I may choose what I like best from … More Alguien dijo

Algo está muriendo

Something is dying. What is getting born? Did something die long ago, and did I simply not recognize it? Was the thing that died real? I think it was the realest thing that ever happened to me, but was it real? Some say not. There is something I don’t want to die and don’t want … More Algo está muriendo


I love theory yet do not understand structuralism, semiotics, poststructuralism or Lacan in any adequate way. (Literary studies are said to have been ruined by “theory” but it was theory that attracted me to them.) I wish I understood suture, as I know it is important in all the texts that interest me. Where is … More Suture

Synopsis of Postman, “The end of education”

The “school problem” has two dimensions, as he sees it. One is the engineering aspect: the means by which young people acquire an education. The other is the metaphysical aspect: the underlying purpose or mission — the “end” — of education. Postman believes that the debate over the future of America’s schools focuses too much … More Synopsis of Postman, “The end of education”

Postman on the intellectual vacuum in which a Trump arises

But television is a speed-of-light medium, a present-centered medium. Its grammar, so to say, permits no access to the past. Everything presented in moving pictures is experienced as happening “now,” which is why we must be told in language that a videotape we are seeing was made months before. Moreover, like its forefather, the telegraph, … More Postman on the intellectual vacuum in which a Trump arises

I will write this

I have been thinking hard about what to do with all my prison material and knowledge and realized, I am not really in a position to increase activism in a truly meaningful way, and/but I should write a series of Atlantic-type (perhaps) articles on what I know. I never feel I know a great deal … More I will write this