Word count

Today, Tuesday, I polished 560 words and wrote 59. This took three hours. According to Trollope, it should have taken 33 minutes: 30 for revision and 3 for writing 59 words. According to Thomas, the 59 words should have taken 27 minutes. If I were to consider all the time allotted me by both Thomas … More Word count

On speaking up

Some people are learning not to speak up and in academia, this is typically how one is coached: do not say anything, all you will do is ruin your credibility as a reasonable person. I disagree and I think people should learn that to speak up, you do not have to be outraged or impassioned. … More On speaking up

Now I understand still more about my reaction to Boice and the Boiceans

It is that one-up, one-down position. The assumption is that one does not know what one is doing at all, needs very basic instruction and is recalcitrant. Questions or attempts to refocus discussion to a more sophisticated are met with this behaviorist, “you have not gotten my point yet.” I have already been underestimated far … More Now I understand still more about my reaction to Boice and the Boiceans

Research never ends

Here are some things to think about. 1. Mireille’s article on appropriations of Aimé Césaire. I read it and thought of Vallejo appropriations, and I did not yet know about Jonathan’s book on Lorca appropriations. Now I find Mireille’s prose irritatingly unclear but I want to bring the piece up again since it is about … More Research never ends

Le lundi

Today I had a leisurely breakfast with my guest and took her to the station, after which I did some errands. I came home and started laundry, looked at e-mail and did some financial things, and then it was noon. I had lunch and sat down to write, taking short breaks to wrap packages, make … More Le lundi