Six Louisiana institutions are under AAUP censure right now, and one of them, LSU-BR, is under double censure. The investigations that lead to censure are expensive. This is why the national AAUP is depressed about us. No state has so many institutions under censure, and many have none. Louisiana is a small state with few … More The AAUP

Academic freedom

Academic freedom won’t survive if it is defended merely or mainly as a principle. It survives in and because of a bundle of values and practices—including ways of spending time and the pursuit of knowledge without preidentified end—that undergird the insti­tution. It is crucially important for administrators and faculty alike to understand how the shift … More Academic freedom

Action alert!

Here’s an action alert: write The Nation and complain about their faux-lefty piece. The Arnautoff murals are not there to “remind black people of oppression.” They are there as a critique of the canonization of George Washington and yes, they remind one that this progenitor of American liberty held slaves. They don’t have any of … More Action alert!