Sans titre

Sitting at a desk reading and taking notes on a quiet morning, looking out at a gravel road. The sky is gray but not dark, and the air is mild. The refrigerator hums and there is alternative radio. It is the same as it ever was. I thought that when I became a professor there … More Sans titre

Cornejo II

Es evidente que categorías como mestizaje e hibridez toman pie en disciplinas ajenas al análisis cultural y literario, básicamente en la biología, con el agravante —en el caso del mestizaje— que se trata de un concepto ideologizado en extremo. En lo que toca a hibridez la asociación casi espontánea tiene que ver con la esterilidad … More Cornejo II

Cornejo I

This now famous note was originally commissioned by me, and stolen by two different people, so we will study it now, piece by piece. No hace mucho Fernández Retamar alertó contra los peligros implícitos en la utilización de categorías provenientes de otros ámbitos a los campos culturales y literarios. El préstamo metafórico y/o metonímico puede … More Cornejo I

March on

I have discerned that another tool of the right wing and the patriarchy is to say you are either “unrealistic” or “codependent” if you are working for change. That goes for politics, but also for work … and I do suppose that work, my work, is politics. *** The person from whose post I am … More March on


I am too overloaded with service and administration and it is detrimental not just to me but to the other entities who are affected by it. But when this is not the case, things are not done and it is differently detrimental, particularly to me. One needs to have boundaries and say no. But when … More Conundrum


Today I finished a rough draft of a strategic plan for my unit. I gave it to someone else to edit, as this project is not mine alone. I spoke to my outside speaker. Over the break I am going to create a final draft of the website, and finish a complete, if not perfect … More Rinascere