Some films

Trenque Lauquen. Will it be good as a series for class?What do we see when we look up at the sky?Iron Man, the one about Poland.Jónatham’s. Axé.

Materials for Russian, and more

RussianPod on Facebook is one grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation method. Boston University has a great Russian poetry site for learning. I’ll start with Daniil Kharms. That’s Даниил Хармс, of course. And I learned about the Red Line Podcasts. Day 2. хуй мне, а не метро – slang. “What I got was dick, not metro.” Обморок – faint (n.) … More Materials for Russian, and more

Sentences for the next paper on Ferreira da Silva

Sentences I did not use in text #2 That racialization does not only use a logic of exclusion, but one of obliteration is one of Homo Modernus’ central insights. Why characters of color are elaborated and then disappeared in the novela das oito of the 1980s was a motivating question for Ferreira da Silva early … More Sentences for the next paper on Ferreira da Silva


I suppose I should not have recycled the photocopy of Ruffinelli, Poesía y descolonización. La poesía de Nicolás Guillén. México: Editorial Oasis/Universidad Veracruzana, 1985, 177 págs. Looking at it irritated me no end. But it’s a perfect example of what I am talking about: Guillén is part of his “us” against the US. So he … More Ruffinelli

Nuevos hispanismos transatlánticos en el siglo XXI

Panhispanism is now a thing. One must look at Laura Scarano, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata – CONICET, and other places. It came up because I was asked to meld the survey courses into one, and/or teach the introduction to Latin American Studies, or something. Something. I’m tired of desperately coming up with courses … More Nuevos hispanismos transatlánticos en el siglo XXI