With the animals, it’s the guilt tripping I cannot stand. “If you do not adopt, it will starve?” “If you have adopted, you must keep indoors.” “Why do you not have more toys?” I DO NOT DESERVE TO KEEP AN ANIMAL AND I TOLD EVERYONE SO. I said I did not have money. I said … More Pain

That Post

I HAVE MORE TO SAY – this is not finished, it got lost For the people who don’t like research writing because ‘you have to find people who have already said what you want to say’ – that’s not quite true. Note here, I cite 5 people in one paragraph, but not just to confirm … More That Post

Creole Balls

They are described in Sealsfield, Life in the New World, and Longfellow apparently liked this description–and those of the swamps, and the Attakapas, and the southwest in general. Axé.