El trabajo

In addition to teaching, service, and grant deadlines I now have one research deadline August 9 and another September 15. I therefore cannot work on any of my MOOC essays until that time. I do have three MOOC essays now: (1) the first, 3-part one I wrote for CN, (2) the second part of it … More El trabajo

On attitudes toward race and poverty in “America”…

Professor Zero: Reading comments on news items I have come up with this insight: the reason people keep complaining about “welfare queens” and also “Obama voters” as non-workers it is costing us all our vacation time to support, and so, on, is SLAVERY. 1. In fact the riches of the US were built on slavery, … More On attitudes toward race and poverty in “America”…

That writing house, Undine

I might actually do this to a room in my house. I like the idea of installing a long shelf under a window and having that be the desk, and putting a couch behind it like that. Nothing else in the room. It solves a great deal. Here is another version. Axé.

Le Week, encore

In the library I will find Laura Doyle, Bordering on the Body. Changó, el gran putas, I will read it. I will listen to voicemail again, and write María Estela. I will continue reading student work and reorganizing computer files. I will go to my CSA, take the car in, and see about both New Orleans … More Le Week, encore