Austin City Limits

We have moved to July levels of humidity and heat. This ratcheting up makes it hard to walk outside, even at night. In August things ratchet up another notch, giving meaning to the band name, Hot August Knights. After the fall equinox begin the dry, sunny days reminiscent of Southern California and home, as it … More Austin City Limits


I To fall like dry leaves, to rot on my topsoil, and be called by no name except “deportees.” Everyone knows about the plane wreck at Los Gatos by now, but there is a detail: once harvested by the braceros being sent back to the Mexican border, oranges were packed in creosote dumps to render … More Creosote


I “Since racial discrimination and segregation are over in this country,” said Z/Cero sardonically, “we can go right back to court sanctioned segregation.” Read all about it. “This is a decision that the Court and the nation will come to regret,” said Stephen Breyer, still lucid despite sitting with the likes of Rehnquist, Scalia and … More Purification

Sonia Johnson

Once upon a time I was sitting in a coffeehouse reading, as strands of conversation from another table wafted over to me. Under discussion was Israel’s right to exist. I was very young at the time and had not heard the phrase before. That is it, I said to myself. That is what I am … More Sonia Johnson

More on MADRID

Today the weather was lovely and I was up early and worked all day, getting a lot done. My job at its best involves drawing pictures and saying things, much like a blog, if more officially serious (although I would say that it is in fact less serious). One narrator in my unfinished novel Madrid … More More on MADRID

Sai, diabo!

I Lately I have had so much trouble fighting back the evil grisgris that I have been casting spells upon myself, in English and in Spanish, every two to three hours. II When I do academic work I am often engulfed with shame. That has a complicated history which it does me no good to … More Sai, diabo!


Al Giordano reports: Workers and farmers in the United States and Canada have been largely kept in the dark about the tragedy unleashed on their counterparts in Mexico with the 1994 entrance of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). But the same all-out screwing is about to happen to them. An alliance of big … More Atlantica


I  En este comentario de blog reconocí una vez más, y algo más claramente, la falsedad de lo que aprendí en la famosa Reeducación, a saber: Cómo dejar de aceptarte a ti mismo y dejar de aceptar tu historia y tu vida; Cómo pensar como una persona deprimida; Cómo actuar como una persona deprimida; Cómo … More Desprogramarse

Being and Time

I I could easily blog for domestic workers by telling some of the rather colorful and horrible stories about their treatment and circumstances which I have witnessed personally. We could shiver and feel virtuous at these illustrations of the way in which gender trouble at one economic level is solved through the exploitation of women … More Being and Time