Point Reyes Farmstead

It is too expensive and self-indulgent for me to buy as a grocery, but the Point Reyes Farmstead needs support during COVID and is very good. I’m interested in the Quinta cheese and I am thinking of it for a birthday present in March. Axé.

Les livres

Is Liddell’s Constantinople and Istanbul insufferably Orientalist? Why do both he and Pamuk say Istanbul is so mournful? It doesn’t seem so to me, although I have not seen it, and I wonder what Said would think. This Nation book review indicates that in After Said I should read Lauren Goodlad’s piece on worlding 19th … More Les livres

Pour développer

Workplace harassment. It is has not been clear to me what the correct interpretation of a certain situation is. a. Time to draw a REALLY firm line. b. No, that has already been done long since and many times, this is actual harassment, it is time to start documenting. c. No, it’s not harassment, it’s … More Pour développer

Films for class

What is neoliberalism / what happened to Mexican film because of it / what is transnational Mexican film like / what image(s) of Mexico and Mexicanness, of nation and self, does it construct? I was going to start with Amores perros We’ll see: Amores perros**Como agua para chocolate** Danzón [I or we own it, but … More Films for class

One way or another

…I’m going to find you, find you, find you. Posts for today are from Remaking the University and they are about money. One and two. There’s this too, although I find the Green New Deal framework distracting, and this, and this. Axé.