Perry Anderson

Journalists, exiles, editors, underground conspirators, this was by definition an intelligentsia without positions or place in the institutions of the state. Read all about it. Axé.

Rezar y rezar

Una piedra en el camino / me enseñó que mi destino / era rodar y rodar / rodar y rodar / rodar y rodar… That is from the most hilariously machista and probably gun-slinging song that could exist, but look what a beautiful voice Vicente Fernández had when he was young. The song comes to me … More Rezar y rezar

Thomas Brudholm

Most current talk of forgiveness and reconciliation in the aftermath of collective violence proceeds from an assumption that forgiveness is always superior to resentment and refusal to forgive. Victims who demonstrate a willingness to forgive are often celebrated as virtuous moral models, while those who refuse to forgive are frequently seen as suffering from a … More Thomas Brudholm

New Orleans Then

“The campaign on Dryades was calculated to start just before Easter because that’s when people bought lots of clothes,” Elie said. Black students from Xavier, Southern University of New Orleans and Dillard, along with a few white students from Tulane and University of New Orleans, joined picketers on Dryades. In mid-1960, former Xavier student-body head … More New Orleans Then

Bruce Cockburn

This is The trouble with normal, a 1981 song lyric I did not know. I notice that Cockburn had the same insight I did, then. Strikes across the frontier and strikes for higher wage Planet lurches to the right as ideologies engage Suddenly it’s repression, moratorium on rights What did they think the politics of panic … More Bruce Cockburn