Among Stelae

The Professor Zero character is intended to resemble some rather severe individuals like Xolotl, Uaxaclajuun Ub’aah K’awiil (18 Rabbit), Augusto C. Sandino and Benito Juárez. But Professor Zero has come to resemble some aspects of the present narrator I would rather not have taken on even in real life. Lately I have been looking forward … More Among Stelae

Zapotec Nation

Est-ce que vous m’appelez “hispanique”? This is Mixtec and then Zapotec territory. We crossed the border at Matamoros on the night of 26 May and we are now very far south. I am on the way to my stela but I must first traverse that Guatemalan land. “To be Native is to have a universe … More Zapotec Nation

Irme Kero

This is Yasmin Levi. “Mother, I want to go to Jerusalem, to eat of its fruits and drink of its waters.” Her next show is this Tuesday at 8 PM, for those of you who may be in Istanbul. Axé.

Son de Maringouin

Mother, I want to know where the singers come from, for I find them very gallant and I want to meet them; with their fascinating lyrics that I want to learn. Where are they from? Could they be from Havana? From proud Santiago? They come from the hill, and they sing on the plain. They … More Son de Maringouin

Gemini Sun

Today the Sun moved into Gemini and it became summer here on the Tropic of Cancer. I have mysteriously recovered from this semester and we are walking to Oriental rhythms along the quais, as the oil washes in. I am about to recede into my stela at Copán, now in the country called Honduras, to … More Gemini Sun