I woke up this morning realizing that it was a brilliantly clear sunny day and that I was excited to see it. Everything is possible when it is cold and sunny and dry like that. I woke up this morning interested in my field. Tomorrow is Monday and I will take the car to be … More Sunday

Bijou Créole

We went out to see Cedric (Watson) and looking for the right clip I found this historic one, from 1986, of people and dancehalls that are no longer. Geno (Delafose) is on it even younger than when I first saw him and besides those two there are other musicians and bands who were children or … More Bijou Créole

Les Misérables

We saw Les Misérables and although I do not like musicals it is interesting to pore over July Monarchy, the 1832 rebellion and 1848 as well as the emphasis on ambivalence in Hugo’s heroes (which Javert cannot handle). French history is instructive and I wish I knew it better as it might explain my institution, … More Les Misérables

Z Materialist

Due to being paid tomorrow, and Christmas, and renting the room out for three days I can now acquire: ♦One of those milestone service jobs for the car. ♦Something like this but with transitional lenses, so I can drive. Cancelled for now in favor of fairly major repair to car, but I think I need … More Z Materialist

Very Inspiring Award

It had been some time since this blog had received an award, but it has now, from Chandra Lynn. I am appreciative and also inspired. This weblog was created to inspire me and I am so glad it does others — especially Chandra Lynn who is from New Orleans and loves words and beauty like … More Very Inspiring Award