False Economies

No matter how well others may do it, or how much they may save thereby, I should never paint, stain, or dye anything in a house. Whenever I do, even if I do it right, I make an error that cannot be repaired by me and that will cost more to have repaired than it … More False Economies

Susanne Mentzer

I am always looking for brilliant new versions of Voi che sapete. Voi che sapete che cosa è amor, donne vedete s’io l’ho nel cuor; donne vedete s’io l’ho nel cor. Axé.

It Always Does Amaze

it always does amaze or perhaps i should say hurriedly knowing winking sighing but knowing oh knowing we ought to know yet it always does amaze it always amazes me when faculty running and jumping breathlessly ask why we might need freedom or rights it always does amaze —z. z. cummings Axé.

Anne Mansouret

From New York magazine: According to a report by the French magazine L’Express, Mansouret recently revealed to the special prosecutor investigating Tristane’s case that she had a very real, very messy reason for advising her daughter as she did: her own sexual past with DSK. Mansouret told the prosecutor that she had a single, violent … More Anne Mansouret