Things I found.

Another smart text by Rolando Pérez. This one is about Martí and New York. One Laura Posternak has written the article I said I would, and then gone on to use it as the first chapter of a thesis. I will find as many reviews / discussions / critiques of Sommer as I can, and … More Things I found.

La montagne

…I’ll get into really good shape and have a camera. Things I know I don’t own are a tent and a mat. Things I now realize I should own are a hat and more of the right kinds of hiking pants and shirts. And bento boxes. And poles. I am not going to acquire all … More La montagne

Free write for that next version

Situate F da S in CRS and decolonialidad (and other currents). Useful: scene of engulfment / transcendental poesis – explains creation of L.A. subject but also – more interestingly – repetition of EVOKE AND ELIDE [does this have other contributing factors?] Problems: blaming the enlightenment, vague decoloniality as solution. Advantages: global problem, global analysis, with … More Free write for that next version

More from that notebook

1/ Lott: hairsplitting accounting for differences is not interesting if these differences are not politically charged. Hollinger: racial mixture will fix racism! He replicates Myrdal’s liberalism: US is democratic but flawed, can be fixed, have progress. Guimarães: racial democracy is an incomplete project. Me: postethnic projects substitute normative mestizaje for the earlier normative whiteness. Hollinger … More More from that notebook