Log April 23-May 9

Saturday: Touched the text. Just a few minutes.Sunday: Worried it, changed it, for an hour or so. Resolved: this week I read and organize notes.Monday: Looked briefly at some notes, touched the text.Tuesday: Edited briefly, made some progress.Wednesday: Missed.Thursday: Edited, thought, made some progress. There is a lot to do.Friday: Missed.Saturday: Edited some. There 1,134 … More Log April 23-May 9

Yet another log

Saturday, April 16. One hour. I edited another sentence and came up to a total of 1051 words, that is to say, I added 54 words. 800 of these words are firm and very good.Sunday, April 17. Discovered that I don’t like my photocopy of Desde Europa and discovered you can get the whole book … More Yet another log

Another log

Sunday, April 10: Edited 49 words. My total is now 722. I put in a footnote on Mignolo and I see I will have to deal with him somewhat seriously. 30 minutesMonday, April 11: Edited 47 words. My total is now 748. I think what I wrote today was original philosophy and that I was … More Another log