Poetry reading

I read at our book launch last night and I am a good reader. Part of it of course is that my translations take advantage of the music of the English language, so they are easy to read well. I was also the interpreter for this bilingual event. I am good at this as well, … More Poetry reading

Des nouvelles

I’ve changed my site look because I realized I just wasn’t visiting the blog. I liked the old look but it had been there a long time. My header image was of a Chinese band in San Francisco and I hope I have not lost it. Right now I have one that is not mine. … More Des nouvelles

Ne pas oublier

…at the library, Literary Bondage and those back pages of Poets & Writers, where they list bilingual presses. There is another book that turned out to be there and that I wanted to get, and I have lost my piece of paper. C’était quoi? Something tempting and new that I was going to order from … More Ne pas oublier

World on a Wire

We will see this film! I don’t know whether to submit these poems to The Nation or to Two Lines. I am thinking Two Lines is a good place to send this author, although they want a longer set than what I was about to send off. There are other journals: Latin American Literature Today, … More World on a Wire


Two Lines. Print journal, online features, and also books. Center for the Art of Translation. Study this journal; here are submission instructions. Tripwire. Experimental. They take translations but not poems originally written in English. Verify? Split Lip. You can submit one poem only. This is fun, if you only have one good one. Siete vientos, … More Presses

Notes on that poem

…that I spent days translating when I should have been doing any number of things. The post-human. The critique of nationalist literary histories. The attempt to locate origins in what has been lost. The fact that that is the game nationalist literary histories play, appropriating those origins for the national project. We are taught to … More Notes on that poem