Christina Crosby

Now we will take notes on Christina Crosby, “Writer’s Block, Merit, and the Market: Working in the University of Excellence,” College English 65:6 (July 2003): 626-645. Perhaps I shall cross post these notes at my seminar. * Why do professors have trouble writing, and suffer with it? * Because by writing they enter into a … More Christina Crosby

The Rankin Family

It is the weekend, so we will sing! Here is the Rankin Family on Fare The Well, Love. I am singing that I am back from the Lousiana State Penitentiary at Angola, and that the visit was not too depressing this time somehow. The Death Row guards are always so nice, and so glad to … More The Rankin Family

C’est si simple

At Thanksgiving Maman, meaning Grandmother, made comments in French about the sillier of the grandchildren, who voted for McCain. Grandmother is a nice white lady from the bad old days. She is convinced those days would have returned had we not voted for Barack. * It was in the late eighties that I became a … More C’est si simple

De vida en vida

Hermoso paraíso de salud. In Reeducation I would look at other people going about their lives and think: they are not less imperfect, or more guilty than I, yet they are not being interrogated, and they clearly feel free. I admired them as they swung their shoulders, looked forward and sideways, and walked right along. … More De vida en vida

Un día sobresale

UN DIA SOBRESALE De lo sonoro salen números, números moribundos y cifras con estiércol, rayos humedecidos y relámpagos sucios. De lo sonoro, creciendo, cuando la noche sale sola, como reciente viuda, como paloma o amapola o beso, y sus maravillosas estrellas se dilatan. En lo sonoro la luz se verifica: las vocales se inundan, el … More Un día sobresale

On the Psyche

I should really go to sleep and I will, but I think I have finally grasped a model. In early Reeducation, PZ: This seems dangerous. You would like me to renounce thoughts, which you view as delusions, feelings, which you call instincts, because you are sure my ‘instincts’ are poorly trained, and discernment, which you … More On the Psyche