Joshua Lund

Look at this person’s bibliography: race and the state, and hybridity, and now Herzog. Admiration and envy are my feelings on this — I wanted to be in a position to spend time on these things myself. Perhaps I can now. Axé.

Another world

I got up in Dupont Circle and walked past the row houses to a café, had coffee and came back and packed. I walked to the metro and rode to the airport, changing trains once. At the airport I read old notes on Vallejo and transcribed them, including the outline of an old conference paper, … More Another world

Another film course

Jerónimo Arellano has an article in RHM (2016) called “The screenplay in the archive: screenwriting, new cinemas, and the Latin American boom.” The boom novelists also wrote screenplays, not all of which were published. This raises a number of interesting questions I am interested in the article primarily for purposes of course creation. Could one … More Another film course


An unscientific survey of students revealed these as their favorite films in Spanish. I haven’t seen them all, and some of those I have, I have not seen in a long time. But it is a rather good list. 21 gramos Azul y no tan rosa Babel Biútiful Hable con ella María llena de gracia … More Películas