Notes from the past

I found these notes from long ago, before I started this blog, about abusive parents. It seems like another world now, but it explains some things. 1/ Parents and money. How did I/will I/would I feel when I/if I accepted financial help? Answer: murdered/nonexistent. 2/ They cannot handle emotions. Any adverse emotion leads them directly … More Notes from the past


I went to get that book from the library and it was there, along with two books of interest I had heard of and one I had not, so I checked out all four. It was amazing. This paper is not in my field, but in a field the university supports, and I feel like … More Support

Fine Young Cannibals

This old post by Slaves of Academe is important on the promotion of vapid faculty but is he right, still, about the regional or urban working-class university? What does it mean when even these are market universities? I did not fully understand Readings’ book back then, and I should read it now. I was sure … More Fine Young Cannibals

Academic freedom

Academic freedom won’t survive if it is defended merely or mainly as a principle. It survives in and because of a bundle of values and practices—including ways of spending time and the pursuit of knowledge without preidentified end—that undergird the insti­tution. It is crucially important for administrators and faculty alike to understand how the shift … More Academic freedom

Vallejo y yo

I had written this paragraph and thought it was bad, and I later abandoned the paper for lack of time but also lack of hope–based in lack of support or camaraderie, perhaps. Las fisuras en el sujeto vallejiano, la fragmentación de su corpus poético, las bifurcaciones de su tradición manuscrita, y el enigma de su … More Vallejo y yo