Winter Storm Leon


This is alleged to be a picture rejected by Fox News, showing Louisiana National Guardsmen spreading salt on the roads by hand, due to the state’s lack of general preparedness and also funding.

A friend wrote:

Nobody says this in the reports I have seen so far, but it is blatantly obvious to me that the disaster that a 2-inch snow storm creates in the Southern states is not a matter of people being “wimps” like some idiots have said. It is the result of cities and states, with radical tax cutting governors, who have abdicated from their responsibility of taking care of the infrastructure and of responding adequately to a situation like this. No wonder we talk about places like Louisiana, where Bobby Jindal has assaulted public services, or Alabama, one of the most conservative states in the country. I can imagine how many cities and states could have decided that investing in more plows, or buying more salt for the roads, or strengthening the first response systems was less important than cutting taxes to the rich and destroying the labor rights of public employees. And this is the price you pay. My solidarity is with my friends who live in the South and are dealing with this mess, in the hopes that in the future that nonsense gets reversed and our cities and states can get what the cities and states of the wealthiest country in the world should have.


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