De la Psychologie

This is an interesting personality test and it is not a blog game, it is serious. I took it and it had some suggestions as to why I did not fit in with Reeducation. I am very intellectually oriented and very unconventional. I have a high level of access to feelings and a low level of neuroticism. In Reeducation one was assumed to be very conventional. Not to be was to be “in denial.” And it was required to choose between intellect and feeling. One could not possess both. And one could only prove one’s access to feeling by demonstrating signs of neuroticism.

Reeducation was purported to be professional psychology but the present test is also based upon professional psychology. I of course like this very much. What made Reeducation so difficult, as we know, is that I was too calm and too skilled at putting things in perspective. The lack of crises in my life meant I had too much control over it, and my lack of histrionics meant I was “cold.”

I had to learn to take every adversity very seriously, in order to show that I was in fact capable of feeling hurt and discouraged. The prohibition against putting things in perspective, the requirement to feel almost constant pain, and the insistence that one should take the smallest slight to heart and consider what one might have done to deserve it, made life very, very stressful.

Now I do things in my former, savage way, whether that makes me seem “cold” or not. Life is so much easier. And as everyone in their right mind knew in the first place, I am hardly cold. I am a child of Iansan and my color is red. And a genuine Psychological Test rates me High on Feeling. Hah!



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11 responses to “De la Psychologie

  1. That’d be so long as you do not lose much…

  2. …and of course depending on how your personality behaves.

  3. Andy – what is “that”?


  5. Good! 🙂

    …And still I need to remind myself almost hourly that I am not in Reeducation and do not need to be a subject of Reeducation. (The politics of my ceramics studio are horrid at the moment and I want an adult life.)

  6. haha. I hate politics!

    anyway, here are my scores

    extraversion 89

    agreeableness 50

    conscientiousness 77

    neuroticism 9

    openness to experience 98.

  7. I think I am expected to have the histrionics thing going on, as well. Actually, I think that perhaps the way conventional society works is that others feel gratified if they encounter someone who is expressing themselves in an histrionic fashion, because it seems to be a form of underling communication. It’s something that certain people can feed off, and it gives them something to rise above and feel in control over. And because communication has become so bad, in so many quarters, they feel like they are touching the pulse of something when somebody behaves in histrionic fashion. So feminine histrionics might be felt as what is felt as psychologically necessary in order to keep the dry old nominally male system cranking on. All the more reason to give it a miss.

  8. I got several facets of each category – was super-high in extraversion and openness, low but not as low as you in neuroticism, and high in agreeableness and conscientiousness (although not super-high, as in the other two).

    I was really proud of the low neuroticism because the test thought this was *good.* In Reeducation low neuroticism meant denial and lack of feeling, as I keep saying, and I crow to find that it doesn’t necessarily and that it is all right. But it is true, men want women to be histrionic because that keeps the “male system” cranking. That’s the key & it is not to be played into.

  9. Actually yeah, I think they FEED off neuroticism and feel emotionally depleted when deprived of it — having no access to emotional feeling within themselves.

    And yeah, it turns out that I’m not wholly agreeable, but like they say that makes for good soldiering or whatever.

  10. Cero

    It is not desirable to be wholly agreeable. I am more agreeable than is really congruent with my actual attitudes, desires and needs, and that dissonance is not useful.

  11. 21liv

    i did the test and i did good!
    Thank you 🙂


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