Y bien

Perhaps I have my text working, although I wish I could have managed it sooner. Of course I do all the writing things people recommend: put the books away and just write, write imperfect sentences, set a limited amount of time and see how much you can do within it. I do not disagree with … More Y bien

Muy interesante

Very well, I will stop complaining since there is a fine line between making discoveries and articulating the actual state of things, and engaging in precisely the kind of self-destruction I have decided to watch out for and not do. I have just remembered something I used to do, before Reeducation: designate time during the … More Muy interesante

And simplifying

“Working here is like working in a coffin or a tomb,” said my colleague. So part of my issue is, wanting to be somewhere more lively. Wanting to do this work but needing to be somewhere more lively to do it. Is that a crime? (My colleagues making six figures are in lively places often, … More And simplifying

La pluie

I woke up this morning in physical pain, not looking forward to the day, and had already started to yell at myself. “You should love yourself instead,” I said in my newfound skill, and I was therefore able to get up and make coffee. There is much I stopped doing for myself when psychotherapy told … More La pluie

It is clear

“Awards will range from $500-$1,000 with the highest award level going to graduate faculty who teach and/or research in a doctoral program.” If your discipline does not have a Ph.D. program, the university will not support your research as fully, yet it will surely require you produce as much or more than the faculty it … More It is clear