Some things I will need

A tent is one. The one I have part of is an REI half-dome. That’s a fairly large tent and it weighs 5.5 pounds. I would like a small one.

A footprint for the tent. Do I have one?

A stuff sack for my sleeping back and something to sleep on. Do I have anything, or do I need to buy? Where is my camping pillow?

Packs, I think. I have this day-and-a-half pack but ideally I would have a pack with a frame and a day pack.

Water bottles, utensils, things like this. Tarps, rope, knife. I have to go through my shed.

BOOTS. Anything I do not have I can buy in California, even at the last minute, but I need to work on the boot issue now.

So here go a thousand dollars, and I am not doing any more to the house this year. But I will be outfitted as a mountaineer again. And I will have my identity in that way.


3 thoughts on “Some things I will need

  1. Daypack and water bottles
    Utensils: plate, cup/bowl, knife-fork-spoon
    Insect repellent and sunscreen
    Rainjacket and waterproof pants [find those pants]
    Hiking boots or hiking shoes – broken in and with good tread
    Camp shoes
    Plastic containers for lunch
    Hiking pants (zip offs are great)
    Moisture-wicking tee shirts
    Warm jacket, hat, gloves or mittens
    Flashlight or head lamp
    [Field glasses/binoculars]
    [Small foldable mat for sitting on]
    [Camp chair]
    [Walking sticks/hiking poles, collapsible]
    First aid materials
    Casual wear for night

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