Poetics of Race

I want/need this book but of course I cannot afford it. Well I mean, I could buy it, I spent $100 on clothes and I could have bought this instead. But $110 for a book is a lot. It is $40 to have it electronically, without page numbers. I will ILL it although I really … More Poetics of Race

Jacques Rancière

1) “Es el explicador quien necesita del incapaz y no a la inversa”. 2) El principio de la explicación “es el principio del embrutecimiento.” 3) El saber no se “transmite”… es como la libertad… nadie se la da a uno; uno se la tiene que apropiar y al tomársela hacerla nueva; producir la libertad en … More Jacques Rancière

Sidney Hook

Towards the Understanding of Karl Marx is available, so it is no longer necessary to have an old and blurry photocopy of it, made after requesting it from Interlibrary Loan. But it’s a great text. “One cannot be orthodox at any price and a lover of the truth at the same time,” says author Sidney … More Sidney Hook

LACES and More

I was going to publish something in LACES, and I forgot. Perhaps I will. And there are other things to remember. I had a guest speaker in my Spanish 202. And my colleague said that the reason we should leave the university is that teaching is obstructed and there is no administrative support (I would … More LACES and More

Colonial Desire

I have a photocopy of this book and it has always been something I should seriously read. It still is, even though it is old now. I forget that I have it because it is a photocopy. I’m going to get rid of the photocopy and probably buy the book, even though I do not … More Colonial Desire

Latin Americanism

I have finally ordered Alberto’s book, and we will find out what I think of his story. In the meantime, I never read his whole schtick on Latin Americanism. Perhaps now I shall. It’s The Cultural Practice of Latin Americanism and it’s in three volumes, and it started in Dispositio. There’s an article I’m recycling … More Latin Americanism

Fernando Coronil

Randomly, I think Bonilla-Silva (‘racism without racists’) can help me with my book. The reason the novels I don’t understand are so incomprehensible around race is that they’re in fact massively racist. My initial reaction was that they were describing a racist environment in massive detail, with some implicit or even direct critique, but not … More Fernando Coronil

Benedito Nunes

I am recycling a file including a photocopy of a typescript of Benedito Nunes, “Antropophagisme et surréalisme,” followed by a French translation with good notes. I think the translation is here and that I could get it from a legitimate source. It was part of a colloquium, “Surréalisme périphérique,” of which there are some other … More Benedito Nunes