Academic freedom

Academic freedom won’t survive if it is defended merely or mainly as a principle. It survives in and because of a bundle of values and practices—including ways of spending time and the pursuit of knowledge without preidentified end—that undergird the insti­tution. It is crucially important for administrators and faculty alike to understand how the shift … More Academic freedom

Plague course

Best books for COVID-19 class — what would you add? 1. Boccaccio / Decameron — some say just first chapter 2. Camus / La peste 3. Mann / The magic mountain 4. Mann / Death in Venice 5. Anon. / Nibelungenlied (Bary, Chataeva) 6. GGM / Love in the time of cholera (Chataeva likes it) … More Plague course

Spain, race as a global construct, and lagniappe

Race is about politics. The concept of race was invented in Spain in the 14th century. Originally this was about religion (the Jews) but then it became about social and political power — the idea being not to share power with the conversos. So otherness then became about genealogy, not current religious difference, and Jewishness … More Spain, race as a global construct, and lagniappe