Latin Americanism

I have finally ordered Alberto’s book, and we will find out what I think of his story. In the meantime, I never read his whole schtick on Latin Americanism. Perhaps now I shall. It’s The Cultural Practice of Latin Americanism and it’s in three volumes, and it started in Dispositio. There’s an article I’m recycling … More Latin Americanism

Fernando Coronil

Randomly, I think Bonilla-Silva (‘racism without racists’) can help me with my book. The reason the novels I don’t understand are so incomprehensible around race is that they’re in fact massively racist. My initial reaction was that they were describing a racist environment in massive detail, with some implicit or even direct critique, but not … More Fernando Coronil

Benedito Nunes

I am recycling a file including a photocopy of a typescript of Benedito Nunes, “Antropophagisme et surréalisme,” followed by a French translation with good notes. I think the translation is here and that I could get it from a legitimate source. It was part of a colloquium, “Surréalisme périphérique,” of which there are some other … More Benedito Nunes

On Difference

Gordon, Linda. “On ‘Difference’.” Genders, no. 10, Spring 1991, pp. 91-[I am missing the last pages]. This is a really good article and I think I remember it well enough to recycle it. There are a lot of things from the 90s that seem to be coming into fashion again, including questions raised, or addressed … More On Difference

Vallejo, the migrant

In addition to everything else, I must do AAUP business, but what I am doing is writing a piece about magical realism for my own pleasure and instruction. I read an old article by Cornejo Polar about migrant subjects and realized: THAT is also Vallejo’s kind of voice, speaking from everywhere (and not from a … More Vallejo, the migrant

Cosas aprendidas

Literature now isn’t just post-national, it’s national and post-national at once. (I read this in Hispamérica). The AEIOU strategy (IWW): agitate, educate, inoculate, organize, unionize. Unionization comes last not first, and the organizers are workers, not staffers for big unions. I learned more things, too. Axé.

Milton Wolff

In 2008, a high school friend of my father’s who was living in Paris, sent him the Le Monde obituary of Milton Wolff, author of Another Hill. Wolff had just died in Berkeley. The following year Robert Colodny, another Lincoln Brigade veteran Wolff surely knew, and who had rented a room from my grandmother during … More Milton Wolff